Yelets - A Great Trainer


I really dig the OD Yelets. I’m a beginner, and as I’m approaching the Advanced 2 set, I wanted to stop in and say that the Yelets has been a great trainer. I grabbed a Yelets last week and it’s definitely made a difference in my yoyoing. My main throw is the G2 Triton - an amazingly stable throw. The Yelets, because of it’s smaller size, “shows” me what I’m doing wrong. It’s helped me straighten out my throws and notice when my hands are out of position. It’s smooth and quick. After throwing the Yelets on a new trick, I can kill it with the Triton. It’s a great combination! I want to make clear that I’m not relegating the Yelets to simply a training yoyo - it is amazing in it’s own right - but as a beginner, it has definitely helped me correct bad habits and has made throwing the full size much easier. Just thought I’d share this if it could help anyone else. Peace.


I feel the same way about my dingo. Been considering picking up a yelets as well, hearing great things.



My Yelets is my practice/learning throw. It is really beat but still spins vibe free! I am learning the Expert 2 tricks now and the Yelets is more then enough to get through them. :slight_smile:

It is awesome. I almost feel bad about beating mine up so much.


Is it worth it?


To me it is. I love the size and shape. Plus, you can change the weight via side effects to slow things down. I also thought the price was reasonable. I’m definitely glad I got it.


The Yelets is so underrated! It’s release was shadowed by the Summit, and very sad we didn’t make much of them. I definitely feel where you’re coming from! Use my Yelets to sharpen my precision before going to a contest. There’s no better feeling then hitting a lot and intricate combo on not so wide yo-yo!


This is the one OD that I’ve always wanted to pick up but still haven’t. Honestly I’ve never thrown an OD that I didn’t care for. Can’t say that about any other manufacturer.


Yelets is my preferred throw atm so nice one drop killed it :smiley:

(velez_adrian) #9

I like it. I won mine. :slight_smile:


I love my Yelets to bits and agree that it’s a very underrated yoyo. Great fun, quick, light and as has been mentioned, great for training your accuracy. I use mine more than many of my $100+ throws and throw it at least once every day. Very unique feeling and playing, have nothing else like it.

Can’t recommend it enough. Anyone who hopped on the Summit/Yelets deal on Cyber Monday got a fantastic deal indeed.