Yelets Hype?

So I’ve been noticing all that hype surrounding the OD Yelets as a their first side effects-enabled throw under $100. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the 54 just that? The 54’s price tag is $85 (same as the Yelets’) and is also side-effects compatible.

I never saw them saying that but who knows. all i know is that I bought a yelets and returned that thing so quick I didnt like it at all

Anyway that’s a real shame it’s no good. OD usually puts out pretty sweet stuff.

Really? I love mine. Smooth, solid. Not as easy to hit tricks as with other throws, but very nice overall.

Well technically the 54 started at 100 but then was later price dropped. On a side note, 85 for a 54 is a great deal in my mind since they come with domes as well.

Yeah I can definitely see the 54 as my next metal once I save up the money.

The original price for the 54 was $115. I believe it has decreased value from there on. Hope this helped. God Bless - Moefv

Ooooh never knew the 54 was dropped because I always saw posts the only below $100 side effect, and was always like do people forget the 54???

The Yelets is the first undersized OD with side effects. It’s a good pocket friendly yoyo.

The yelets is NOT the first undersize OD with SE’s that would be the Dietz… As for the price. David said that it was the cheapest SE equipt yoyo under $90.00 he mentioned $100.00 but retracted his statement. The Special Edition models are always a good $10.00 to $15.00 more. but the Basic SE equipt solid color has been $100.00 only the Dietz was cheaper at $90.00 the 54 has since been lowered. Hope that helps… BTW the Yelets is a fantastic yoyo!!

Yeah the 54 originally shipped with two sets of Side Effects. Later we stopped doing that and dropped the price.

The more I throw my Yelet, the more I like it. Great pocket yoyo.

Man you guys are almost making me want to get it now! I think I’ll still go with the 54 when I have the money though.

Theres no hype, the yelet is just another SE budget throw from one drop. Try it and see if you like it.

I was just referring to my confusion over the claim that it’s their first SE yoyo under 100, which is now cleared up. I’m sure it’s a great throw.

Yeah dude, you’re sure that it’s a great throw.

Come on man. I’ve never touched a Yelets. This was the first feedback I had ever heard about it. Now it seems like the overwhelming majority of the people really like it.

The Yelets is an amazing yoyo. Its undersized and thats the only thing that is a turn off for me. But overall Very good yoyo

I was struck by the announcement that OneDrop was going to bring back undersized throws:

We want to take the lead in bringing back smaller yoyos and we felt that 52mm was the perfect diameter.

Who knew that the market was clamoring for more 52mm throws? I suppose since everyone else is now making larger throws, this segment of the yoyo world has become under-served.

While the Yelets is undersized and I prefer full sized, I’m really liking this one.

Glad I have mine.

My thoughts on hype: Who cares. You either like it or your don’t. Make your own decision.

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