One Drop Yelets: A High Speed YoYo Review


One thing that One Drop has always been known for is creating high quality yo-yos at an affordable price point. Their first yoyo, the Project, retailed for $86 which was considered quite low next to the triple digit price points that most of the metals from 2008 wore on their boxes. Then, in late 2008 One Drop introduced a model that would change everything, the M1. It was a $60 undersized stunner that proved to the world that metal yo-yos were not just for the elite. When it was released it turned quite a few heads and after a couple months it seemed like everyone had an M1. My first metal was a red and grey M1 (Go Bucks!) that wore every battle scar proudly while I learned trick after trick. As time marched on One Drop released newer designs, dabbled in alternate alloys and metals, and introduced the Side effect system, which would go on to, become the signature design element for their high end yo-yos. While the guys in Oregon have revisited the lower M1 price point, first with the Dingo and then again with the Caferacer, they have not released a lower cost Side Effect design. In fact the only double digit Side Effect yo-yo has been the Dietz. This changes with the release of the Yelets, an $85 Side Effect enabled yoyo aimed squarely at the masses. Will this spiritual successor to the M1 capture the public’s attention like the original? Who knows. At this point I am wondering if it will finally replace my Space Bat M1 as my “go to” pocket friendly performer.

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The link to the review doesn’t work


Yes it does, might be your pc. Try this

Also, it looked terrible to me, but after this I may pick one up when the summit releases.


It was working now. I want to try to get one they look really nice!


Hay planning to get a new onedrop. This time 3 yoyos look great to my eye and shape for my style of play. I would like to take your recommended pick. I chose in order, the yelets, burnside, and the code1 or 2. they are all great looking yoyos. please give info supporting your pick.


First, the CODE1 and CODE2 are completely different yo-yos. Their play is totally different. Just pointing that out because you are actually looking at 4 unique yo-yos.

Of the four you listed, three are Side Effect enabled and one is the Burnside. That is not a slam on the Burnside, it is currently one of my favorites. I love the feel on the string and the laser precise level of play it gives. The only down side to the Burnside is that you can’t tweak the feel if it feels off to you. The CODE1, CODE2, and Yelets can swap hubs to ad or subtract weight and change the play style.

Honestly it is hard to give you a recommendation because you have not said what you are looking for as far as play preferences and size preferences. If you are looking for a pocket yo-yo to take everywhere the choice is easy, get the Yelets. It is the only undersized yo-yo on the list. If you want a larger more competition oriented throw then it get trickier since you picked three great offerings from One Drop and I would add another, the Cascade.

Sorry for not being able to narrow it down much, post some specifics of what you are looking for and it should be easier for us to make some sound recommendations for you.


hey, how would you compare these to the dietz? which do you prefer?


the Dietz is a great yo-yo with a lot of speed and power to it. I lowed the play of the Dietz and its crazy cousin the Lab Experiment #1. The only downside is the angular design of the rims can cause the yo-yo to be slightly uncomfortable in the hand.

The Yelets is rounded and comfy, fast and fun to play. It is a darn near perfect pocket throw to just grab and go. The best part is coupling it with a pair of Stunt Peg Side Effects. I said in my review that the Yelets feels like it was made for those. I tend to gravitate towards yo-yos that make me smile. I am in this hobby for the fun and have never taken to the serious competition side.

If I had to pick one of the two I would go for the Yelets. If you are looking for an undersized yo-yo built for fast, technical, competition play you should seriously look at the Dietz. If you want fun pocketable, and comfortable you really want the Yelets.


Is this what you meant? Sorry if I am mistaken, but the way it was written just sounded a little awkward. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I went ahead and changed it. I was tired when I wrote it. ;D