Smaller width = more accuracy?


Would a throw with a smaller width be a good way to gain accuracy? Obviously, practice is the best way, but I’m wondering if it’s a worthwhile approach? (I’m thinking Yelets)


Yes it will. If you want a real challenge use a Yomega Raider for a bit. If you can hit your tricks on that, you should never miss on a butterfly shape.


It would help. I know people do that a lot for 4A.

I mean theoretically just getting the worst performing yoyo and mastering really hard tricks on that would probably help tremendously, but who wants to do that?

I’d try something relatively thin like a Laser or a Phenom, 38 - 40mm zone, but that still performs well. I don’t know much about the Yelets but the width looks right. It’s a bit undersized though so may lack spin power. I’d rather have something more like 56/39 to get more power out of it but that’s just my opinion.


I felt really good about myself after I learned Brent Stoles on my Popstar and they were significantly easier to hit on full size yoyos.


Playing with small YoYos definitely gives you an edge in sharpening your consistency and accuracy. I personally play with smaller throws at time. When Gentry was on One Drop, he told me that he would practice his freestyles with a Dingo in preparation for a contest.


Wait whaa? Gentry was on OD?!

I’m bad at knowing things haha.

(Yo^2) #7

The Yelets is nearly perfect for that. It is really stable and a nice width. I can’t recommend it enough.


Of course it does! It forces you to keep the YoYo straight more. Yelets is perfect for this, a Monkey Finger Forte is a good choice too, and if you can get your hands on them, the Walter or ILYY Trvth.


Yep! It’s nice to have my Dingo in my pocket all the time – I always have a yoyo, and when I play it I feel like it’s definitely helping me improve. =)



The Yelets is indeed a great yoyo, and it comes in some gorgeous colourways. Can also recommend it highly. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone. Yelets on the way.