Quick Question on Precision and Yoyos.

Will a yoyo with a smaller catch zone improve your precision because it demands more precision?
I’m wondering becuase I wanted a pocket yoyo and this crossed my mind. I could improve my precision on the go! Maybe…

Yes, practicing with a smaller yoyo makes you have to practice hitting the middle instead of the yoyo.

Not necessarily a smaller yoyo but a smaller catch zone like the OP said. It’s what I did.

Yeah, using a smaller yoyo means you have to have more accuracy landing the yoyo on the string.
I spent 6 months using only a ministar…It helps. :wink:

Yep. Eli Hops+Mighty Flea ;D

It’s Logic. ;D

I figured we would all know what I meant.

Thing is some may not. Some kids that read this the first time they are on a forum may not know. these threads aren’t just for those who make them but those who read them.