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Not sure where this post belongs. However, here it is…
So I recently got a C3 Token (took advantage of the sale ;D) and I was wondering… If I play around with it and land tricks, being that it’s way smaller, won’t it be easier to land the tricks on the other throws I have? IE: Protostar, DM2…
Thoughts? Remember, I’m pretty new at this whole thing. Yet loving every minute of it.

(Owen) #2

Maybe; probably actually. But I think it is just better to save yourself the frustration and just use a normal yoyo.

(LordCanti) #3

Works better with a fixed axle imperial. I can do double or nothing in my sleep because of it ;D

(Steve Brown) #4

It’s a good practice…if you can hit everything on a yoyo that’s smaller/less forgiving, it should clean up your play.

Team Offstring in Japan, back in the late 90s, used to practice their offstring tricks on these:


there was offstring in the 90’s?

(ed) #6


(Bína) #7

It will help you to improve accuracy, but be carefull, you can get accustomed to its small dimension when opening loops or in Chopsticks. Later you might be hitting string in tight space with your bigger yo-yos.


Yep, agreed the smaller the better the practice


Did it help to practice Freehand with one of these Steve? I always like this one :

(Steve Brown) #10

Didn’t help my play, but I actually made more money off those than the regular Freehand yoyos at the time…so, you know, I was a fan. :wink:

Wish I still had one, though!


You didn’t buy one with your royalties? :slight_smile: PM me your address and I’ll send you mine, don’t think I have the die anymore though. Or the keychain.

(Ian) #12

It will be different. You will be more accurate at catching the throw on strings, but there will be an adjustment period when you move up to something bigger.
You will have developed muscle memory about where you are expecting strings to be arranged and where the yoyo will land on them, that will be different. Once you get past that, I am willing to bet you will have benefited.