Yelets or Cafe Racer... Or both?


Are these throws different enough to have both?

If not, Yelets or Cafe Racer?



Cafe Racer had way too much centerweight for me to enjoy it

Check out the werrd minute

(Ian) #3

If you do decide on the yelets, I have one on the BST right now.,76626.0.html


If you’re looking for a small yoyo simply for variety’s sake, or to work on your accuracy, I’d say go with the Racer. It plays similarly to the legendary M1, but more refined; faster, wider catch zone, less thunky on a throw. To me, it’s the more fun of the two, though fun is hard to classify.

If you’re looking for a pocket yoyo to carry around every day, go with the Yelets. It pretty much plays like a full size yoyo; also fast, but more stable, powerful, and just kind of… normal playing. The extra diameter makes a huge difference, without compromising pocketability. Plays a bit boring compared to the CR, but when you’re out in public yoyoing around strangers, you’ll want to look like you know what you’re doing, so something basic and reliable is the way to go. Also, with the Yelets you can have spikes, which is always a plus, but particularly in a pocket throw.

As for getting both, it’s hard to say. Certainly, they play as differently as any two throws, so it’s not like one makes the other obsolete. If you like small throws, owning both wouldn’t hurt, but if you’re just trying to fill a niche in your collection, just pick one.

I should also point out that the Dietz plays better than either of these, but the added width makes it not nearly as pocket friendly. If you’re gonna be carrying it with a strap, or in a backpack or something, I’d recommend you check out the Dietz.


OD Dingo?


Whole different ballpark. Good for what it is, but I’d classify it as more of a novelty throw.


Thanks D for the awesome response. I’m looking to work on accuracy but also be able to have reliable pocket throw. It looks like I might be going with the Yelets. I have a couple side effects throws already, it would be nice to have another throw to interchange them, and I don’t have a set of UL’s which come with the yelets.


I have both and I like having both…but if I had to choose one…I think I’d go with the Yelets. Tough choice though because I really like the Cafe Racer. They feel different when playing, but for me they kind of serve the same purpose, which is the yoyo that I grab as I’m leaving the house and stuff into my pocket.


I personally liked the cafe racer better. the yelets is good for a pocket throw or for practicing accuracy bc of the small gap.

i didn’t like the yelets as much but im getting one in a trade bc i love the colorway its half red quarter blue and quarter green "quadro " colorway Haha