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1.) What is the difference between Hidemasa Hook and Iwasawa Hook?
2.) What is the difference between a Normal 888 and the 888w?

Hidemassa hook is a basic hook that goes around your finger once and hooks the yoyo. Iwasawa hook goes around your finger twice and hooks the yoyo.

Read my post here for it. Iwasawa hook is not a trick you will get in 10 minutes…

The 888w has a flat inner wall, rather than a curved inner wall like the eight8eight. This makes it light ( 59.20 grams! Oh my goshness) and more rim weighted.

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10 minutes?

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I’ll try it.

It was actually intended to be a high-walled 888. It was a test for YYF, and they were using it to get some feedback. It became very popular as it was more rim weight and provided more stability. Ever since then, all the newer 888’s have been high-walled, (except the classic’s, of course)