I have a Slight problem...

Okay I am looking into a new yoyo. I have narowed it down to The Cut, Hatrick, Warning Line, or the 888x. The only thing that is keeping me from making my final decision is wieght. I love the light quick feeling of my Hybrid Hitman, but I also love the heavy silidity feeling of my Dv888. Which should I get? ???

Size and shape will also pay a great matter here.

The Cut has a somewhat angular shape and a pretty big diameter. 888x and Hatrick are both small and relatively round. The Warning line should speak for itself, because it’s really special work.

AS I said the only thing keeping from my final decision is weight I have already decided that I will be good with any of there shapes.

Well, the 888x is probably a bit heavy for your preferences, considering it feels and is heavier than a Dv888. The rest are all relatively quick as well as solid.

My personal favorite would be the Hatrick, but they’re all great yoyos.

If you want want to get a light yoyo then get the CUT
It plays fast, smooth but I would consider it light cause it doesn’t feel light which isn’t bad.

overall I think u should get the CUT

Look at weight distribution as well… I think it was in the yoyo physics question topic. Weight distribution should cause it to play regardless of weight. I have no idea about how any of them play though…

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Compared to my M1’s the CUT is pretty light. You might want to consider a Meteor if you want lightweight though, but the weight on the CUT is somewhat below “average”.

You can’t exactly tell a yoyo’s weight distribution simply by looking at it though.

it all ends up in the feel of each yoyo. if you have a friend who has any of these yoyos, you should ask to throw one a couple of times.

the only yoyo of those that i have held was the Hatrick, which is awsome and i hear nothing but good things from General yoyos. i recomend that

Sorry… I meant look as in ask around.