What do you think will work for me?

Hey guys,

So my birthday is coming up and I’m going to be getting a new throw. I wanted to get a high grade metal throw but am undecided on what I should buy. I’m going to list a bunch of preferences based on my past experiences with the throws that I currently have. So here are the preferences:

I’m leaning towards medium-undersized throws

Dark Magic:
HATED the hybrid
Didn’t love the size (felt too big)

Wanted to get something different than flat rims (maybe round or somehting very slightly angular)
Felt way to heavy, almost like a brick

Liked the shape
Liked the size except was hoping for something bigger
Love the silicone response

Now here are some basic stuff

Price: $50-120
Size: Undersized-medium
Style: slacks, whips, suicides
Response: prefereably silicone (NO HYBRID)
Weight: under 67g

I’m hoping to find something that fits my preference perfectly. Please don’t list random throws that you like. So thanks for the help guys!

Or 888
Or Skyline

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why not get a boss their awesome

Does the 888 have a heavy feel to it? I saw it weighed more than my dv888 and was wondering if it was really heavy on the string?

It definitely doesn’t feel super heavy on the string. They float nicely on the string.


the only problem is the it’s the same size as the DM.

PS. well actually, it’s 1 mm bigger

Eneme, Skyy Chaser (these beauties are still in stock you know), Punchline.

Atmosphere works too, if you don’t hate the plastic though, which I can’t see why you would.

the weight does not effect how heavy a yoyo plays. the amount of rim weight matters. even though the X-con is heavier than the Dv888 the X-con plays lighter than the Dv888.
I would not suggest you any H-shaped yoyos.

Is the punchline considered H-shape? ???

Or 888
Or Skylineid go 888

Thanks so much for all the help and I think know what I’m going to get. I’m going for the punchline. It looks great, nice size, nice weight, beautiful aestethics, nice style, etc. The only thing I’m not so sure is the width. Is it really wide? Or, does the rounded shape take away from the width and make it feel just right?

It basically a Dv888, just blown up a tiny bit more on width than on height. Also, I know everyone has their opinions, but to me the Dv888 doesnt feel at all heavy. Maybe you are used to something floaty and fast like the campfire, and compared to that the Dv888 is heavier and slower. But compared to things on all sides of the spectrum, the Dv888 seems to be in the middle. Anyway, the Punchline is a fantastic yoyo, I say go right ahead and order it!