whats the difference between the 888 and 888x ???

Its a couple of grams heavier than the original 888, but a couple lighter than the '09. It also has a new finish, and a lower price.

And a highwall, and the new K-Pads, and it’s made in China.

888x is smoother and deals better with speed

All the other 888s are smooth, and all of them are fast as well.

yeah but all of the remakes of them have been SMOOTHER and all of them CAN deal with speed very well but the 888x can deal with speed insanely well and in MY opinion better than the 09 edition

But the 07 is lighter, and therefore faster.

But the round wall makes it less stable, and not able to handle fast tricks as well as a highwall 888.

The highwall doesn’t allow for speed. It helps increase stability, and wasn’t introduced for production until 2009, so you’re contradicting him.

These debates are fun, because we’re not being mean to each other. :stuck_out_tongue:

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