So Many 888s!

There are so many Eight8eights out there…what is the difference? ???

Firstly, there’s the appearance. That’s pretty clear.

They all just have different specifications. The “w” ones are highwalled, the B-Grade one is of lesser quality and was sold at a discount (although it still plays rather well.)

'07 the original, '08s little lighter than the '07s.
'09 heavier and more stable redesigned shape.
The Classic the return of the '07 new laser engraving same weight as the '07.
B-Grades '07, '08, '09 Some slight vibe or anno defects.
888w Limited runs, highwalls near the bearing seat to increase stability (The '09 have this highwall, but not as high as these runs.)

the 07 and 08 are simmalar but the 09 is much slimmer and heavyer. But why the 08 you canonly get the 07 classic

'07 is lightest, '08 is in between, '09 is heaveist.

07 is bestest