Best 888 year

I would like to get more 888s but I want to get different years. I already have a
09 so what do you think about which year is better?

keep spinning


I’ve never actually tried an 888 but what I have heard many times from people is that the 07 888’s were the best.

Why do you want to buy the same yoyo over again. Try something new. Maybe a CLYW or ILYY.

If you still want to get it get the ocho 8 ocho it is supposed to be like the 07 888

07 888s
09 888s
08 888s
In order from my opinion.

07s are best.

tee hee! (you probalbly meant “buy.”) :wink:

07 by far.

'07 hands down

'07, in my opinion.


why 07

Preference, I guess.

08 then 07 then 09

  1. I think the newer ones used a different metal because they feel completely different

No. The 09’ ones have a semi-glossed coat instead of the beadblasted ones.

Actually, Dryoyo is right. From the '08 run, on, the 888’s have been using 7075 aluminum. It’s harder and more scratch resistant than the previous aluminum they used.

i bet if you lined up three of each (all ano’d) and asked people to throw them blindfolded, virtually no one would be able to effectively file them all into their appropriate years. they all play wonderfully. beyond that, i don’t see a need to compare or pretend i have a preference.

the only 888 i own at present is a small bearing steve brown 07, so i guess i’ll call that my favorite?

I can’t guarantee I could pick an 07 and an 08 apart but the 09 plays significantly different.

I would, especially if they were regular runs without highwalls, and you let me take the yo-yo apart.

But I agree, they all play woderfully

The 1st runs of the '07 just play better in my opinion. faster, better control, the delrin hubstack were way better. the new 888 are great looking but to heavy for my likeing. So thats why '07