Yall are joeys

Learn to be legit for the sake of this forum.



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it’s true

Oh yeah, thread like this ain’t never gonna start a flame war.

flamaz gonna flame

And the haterz gonna hate. I just don think this thread will help anything.

Apple pie

That’s a word I’ve always hated. Why do people say ‘legit’ is it cool to not know any words more than 2 syllables? Sorry it just bugs me. I recommend the use of the word “bacon” instead. In this universe bacon is the only constant. As in bacon is constantly go Bo matter what.

Sup joey.

Josh, why did you turn off my computer?

Cause Im legit unlike these little kidz.

Oh, Josh, you speak French?

le git?

I’m laughing as I type this…

If you laugh too much, your laughing system in your body will explode. And you will never be able to speak again? Do want that? I guess not.

This is a dick move, Josh.

Excuse me?

oh snap the samad claws are out looks like the haterz just came out from there hiding spots and thier king just steped forward

That’s a mean thing to say. Yeah this forum attracts more kids than some other ones, but some of them don’t know better.

Joey is a cool name.

Joe is a very cool name and the thing is i am a legit Joe

Have you heard of someone named Legit?