It has been three years since December ninth of 2009 and this marks my three year mark for yoyoing. It doesn’t seem so long.

This is —y3ars—


Thats insane! ;D


that was great! what throw where you using during your combo (red one) because that seemed to sleep for a while. either that or i was just mesmerized @ the speed lol.

(UmeNagisa) #4

Alll of the innovation and inspiration!

(UmeNagisa) #5



Christopher Chia Take That Sleipnir. It plays diffrently than a regular Sleipnir. The grey yoyo is a OD Code2 with UL, and the gold is a Irony JP.

Glad you guys like the video.

(UmeNagisa) #7

How much different? :o im like… really interested


Lighter weight. So it feels more floaty and is definitly faster.


Dang, only three years. Someone sponsor this guy, he could be a contender in a year or two.


That freehand gyro flop was pretty cool


Thanks guys, glad you like it.


What glove was that?


I can’t remember the brand or if the guy I was talking to told me. He said they are better than duncan but so far they are wearing the same ammount but they cost about twice as much as a duncan glove. I got it at SER this year.


They look like they are made of rubber. Are they?


No, just a quality nylon poly blend. Once this one wears out I will be going back to the duncan gloves anyway so I would say get duncan since it is cheaper and wears the same ammount.


Fantastic skills and smooveness.

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Hey your 1a is really good. Like crazy good. It almost feels like you were holding back on that video battle.

If you could hit that stuff on stage to a beat you would KILL it.


The battles are just for fun and I wanted a video that didn’t have any 1A in it for that battle.

The hitting on stage is the hard part, haha. Means a lot coming from you that you think it’s so good though, thanks. I’m working on hitting some of it for PNWR next year.

(Alex Fairhurst) #19

Just start practicing like 3 months before the contest and only throw your routine. It’ll take a lot of dedication, but you’ll be crazy consistent.


If i am half as good as you in 2 years, I will be astounded. That was amazing.