Yeah, that is what I am doing, hehe. After 8 competitions I found that out, ha. Hope to see you again soon at a comp.

Thank you very much, glad you think I am that good.

I clicked on this thinking there was 3a ;D my bad… Good job slade! Hope to see you at pnwr 2013!

Btw was the glove a chapman glove?

Like I said in an earlier post I have no idea really. Just another glove, hehe.

There will be more 3A very soon for sure in some upcoming videos though.

Wow! Really nice! You have insane skills. ;D

Slade, you are just too good man! Just too good!

Wow dude. Your gonna have to teach me some stuff when you come down again in February.

Sure will man, and be ready to compete at PNWR.