Xodus II missing specs

Not sure if this goes here, but I noticed the xodus II is missing the specs. All of them are labeled as 0. If all the specs truly are 0, I’ll take 5.

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I’ll make a note to update those specs when we get a chance, thanks for pointing that out!


Somehow, that is entirely appropriate for this yoyo.


How amusing. This yoyo is so responsive and hits my hand harder than any responsive yoyo I got. Survivalist was the only thing that comes close to hitting my hand as hard. The rubber rings seem like they can take a beating so far. I can do more tricks on 4-5$ transaxle yoyos though because the xodus seems to hate taking any string in the gap. I pick it up every now and then maybe because I’m a masochist or because I’m not afraid of it getting broken.

Wasn’t until someone told me they’ve used it for 4a that it made any sense. I bet it does some basic 4a throws pretty well, but after a few hours of chasing a yoyo around and not even getting the basic throw I’ve never gone back to 4a :laughing: