Need help on deciding

I decided to get a yoyo and I need guidance on which yo-yo is the best for me. I’m looking for a yo-yo that is good for string tricks. I want a yo-yo that can bring me from beginner to intermediate or higher. I heard that the Xodus II is great. Any recommendations and help would be extremely appreciated :slight_smile:
Also what lubricant and kind strings will I be needing ?

What is your price range (what can you spend?) kitty string is always good for the price.

Well im just starting out and I don’t want to spend extremely too much. I’m probobly looking for 10-30$

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Do you have a price range in mind?
Some people may try to tell you that the Xodus 2 is bad, I can almost guarantee that people will try to tell you this, but I can honestly say that is a very fun yoyo that is actually quite capable and nice to throw. I use them a bit myself, and even once competed with one at a contest. Not a bad throw at all, and one that I have given to some newer/intermediate players as well :slight_smile:

That said, in that similar price range, I would look into the Yoyofactory OneStar. Its a plastic yoyo that is very well balanced and easy to maintain. It will also take you quite far so you won’t have to buy anything else for quite a while.

Other good option would be perhaps an Adegle PSG, also a great low maintainance and high performance yoyo that is a great player.

Either will take you quite far, and of course the xodus 2 is not a bad choice either.
I’ve been an active thrower for over 15 years and I know what makes a yoyo a good throw or not, so if you have any other questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

As far as string goes, the standard 100% poly is all you need. Be wary of anyone who tries to sell you a more expensive “brand” string. They are not anything special and at your level won’t be anything more than extra spending of money. Stick with the basic, and it will be all you need. Lube, some yoyojam thin lube will keep you going for a long time. :wink:

Good luck on your yoyo journey hun! It is sure to be a fun ride!



DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT get the Xodus II. I tried one, and it was so heavy it almost hurt my fingers. Also, the response isn’t very good. What most people will recommend to you is the Yoyojam Classic. I’ve not tried this yoyo(yet) but it has a reputation as being an excellent performer for a low price, and if you buy a different bearing and response pads with it it is also an excellent advanced yoyo. For string I’d just buy basic 100% poly yoyo string, it’s cheap and gets the job done. For lube get some type of thin lube. Use the stuff they sell on yoyoexpert, not anything you buy at a hardware store, those are too thick unless you want a gunked-up bearing.

You’re going to hear a lot of different answers, but I think Josh said it best when he said to stick with the basics.

Get a good, solid, basic yoyo and some 100% polyester string and throw til your heart’s content.

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Thanks for all the great tips and help. I’m now wondering what is better for 1A string tricks, unresponsive or responsive yo-yos, which should I get?

Hey Calvin!

I don’t want to recommend, everyone is different, but here’s my route of yoyo obtaining, maybe it could help

First was a Velocity and YYE Standard Poly, I moved on to a Northstar and Kitty String, now it’s my TA-1S or my FG Ava and some sort of boutique string or Kitty. If you have 80 bucks to spend get yourself two yoyos on complete ends of the chain and learn what you want. Throwing is all about preference buddy!

i would suggest the yoyojam classic, it comes responsive but with a regular size C bearing and pads it is an excellent unresponsive yoyo!


Get a YYJ Classic, then while you’re ordering that, order a YYJ Speed Bearing(C-sized) and some YYJ response pads. The last two items are for when you “upgrade”. People are competing with this ugprade configuration. Total price before shipping: Under $20.

Or, get a Legacy II, since it comes with both bearings and the pads already installed. It’s a few bucks more, its a different shape and weighting, but it’s a plastic DM2 and it’s a great yoyo. Total price with shipping should be close to $30.

Buy extra strings. As many as you can afford. 100% poly YYE strings are a good way to go. I recommend the neon green or yellow. This makes the Classic the better option as you have budget for strings.