Xmas Money buy?

Hey there boys and gals, i got a gift card to this great place for a new yoyo :3. And i just can not decide what to get! So i am going to look toward you fools for help.

I play 1a mostly im doing some complicated tricks and my own combos. been playing for about 1 year.

I want a yoyo that is nice a floaty, nothing too undersized.

I want something that is going to really perform well, price isn’t to much of an issue, just want to keep it under 200 buckaroos.

Some things i have my eye on already is:

CLYWxOnedrop Summit, i just hate the stax system.

CLYW Puffin 2, i heard its floaty.

I’ll be here to answer any additional questions that can help :3

thanks duuuuude

anything g2 you can’t go wrong with them, and they have some beast splashes out right now.

Is that g squared?

yes sorry i abbreviate it sometimes…

It’s G^2 =P

If you want floaty the yoyo for you is the CLYW Bonfire,
Super stable,lots of float, awesome colorways, all around great yoyo for anyone to have in their collection