Xlr8 surge alpha crash or speedaholic

Hey everyone. I am looking for a yoyo that I could possibly get two or three of.
Horizontal capable

Possibly grind capable

Can handle a beating

Finger spins (maybe) can go fast without really needing to be pushed

the speedaholic really struggles with finger spins, they can be done but they must be brief. and I know nothing about horizontal, but it should meet all your criteria, and it’s so cheap you could have money left over for something else too :wink:

I think I narrowed it down to getting a second severe, or two zxlr8s. Thoughts? Also, how is the xlr8 with vibe compared to the severe?

Thumb grind aren’t possible with a surge and grind are not very good cause its to responsive but it’s a good throw and it has taken me from intermediate to advance part 2 but I didn’t try the other ones.

Honestly it sounds to me like you want a rally. It has everything you want.

I like my XLR8 better then the severe and feel that it plays overall better. Ifyou don’t like heavy yoyos the XLR8 could be an issue I don’t find it to be an issue and I like the added heft to it. I just know some disagree with me in that.

Happy hunting and I hope you find something you’re extremely happy with !


It’s really stable, a little on the fast side, can do all types of grinds, can fingerspin, pretty durable, and it’s a monster at horizontal.

Yeah pretty much this. I have no doubt it could be used to win worlds or nationals if someone good used it.

xlr8s are amazing!! get one!

I think the Severe has less vibe than the XLR8, but I didn’t care for the Severe and I’m perfectly fine with the typical YYJ vibe on my XLR8.

Thanks for all of the responses. I think that I’m gonna go with a second strix.

Good choice. Your initial choices were all unsuitable for your requests.

I ended up ordering two xlr8s

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