Beginner yoyo?

My friend wants a yoyo and I was thinking of suggesting the Onestar. What other yoyos would you guys suggest? (He can bind. Maybe in the lower price range)

I would say a one or a onestar

A Lyn Fury with silicone and cleaned bearings, YYJ Classic with a new bearing and silicone. Or if you are willing to fork out more, maybe Protostar/Asteroid/PSG/Starbrite/Onestar. The ONE, Whip and Speedaholic are good choices as well, with the speedaholic being the heaviest between the 3.

one stars pretty good and its cheap so ill agree with you guys on that

Get a velocity, it goes from beginner to advanced. And it’s much better than a one, not quite as good as Onestar but if he’s never thrown before he should start responsive and then go unresponsive and velocity can do that so you don’t have to waist your money on both.

I would look into a Speedaholic with a slim bearing. But slim bearings are a pain to get out. You can’t forget the Classic or the Surge as well.

The axle in the speedaholic may be too long for a slim bearing.

Get a speedaholic and put a knot or two in it. No need for a slim bearing and it’ll be tug responsive.

Yes, I was imagining the axle poking through the sticker on the hub