xcon problems

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i heard that there is xcon problems anyone here want to explain


They were more prone to cracking, so they made an upgraded version of the X-Con called the X-Convict.

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its on this site

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where and, where on the yoyo

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what does that do good it’s just a product, not an answer

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DarthVaughn told you it was on this site, you asked where it was and you also asked where are the cracks on the X-Con, so I answered to your first question and told you were the X-ConVict was. I don’t know where the X-Con cracks because I’ve never seen one before. Simple. :wink:


I can say if you find an X-Con without cracks then it has never been played.
The X-Convict is a much better yoyo. Basically the same but better plastic.
Also if you know what one looks like then you should know where the cracks are.
They are in the plastic.

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nononono, i asked where the cracking was when samad answered, i meant where is the cracking, not where is the page for it