Finally got my new yoyo!

Ok, my X-con finally came in the mail today, it feels great and all, but I’m a little worried about If I can play with it well. Any tips you guys can give would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


Make sure you have comfortable string length, dont hit things. just dont whack things! It will hurt your heart when ur yoyo gets dented.

and then

Practice some more!!!

Actually, only the first hit hurts… then it’s just like “darn!” Not cry…

Lol yea, First is the worst, after a while you dont even relize it, just say “Oh, there a wobble!!! Better bind!!” and not even care if it shredded… Thats what I did to my DM

yeah, after the second dent, you’ll realise that you’re getting dents every day. Now, i don’t really care about my dark magic getting dented, but when you get your first dent, you’re gonna really be sad for a minute, while staring at the convict.

My X-Convict came Super responsive. If you find it catching and smashing your knuckles consider changing the response - It comes with a double O-ring, and I keep taking them out and shaving them down so they recess more, but haven’t yet gotten it unresponsive. I know the gap is adjustable, but it doesn’t make a huge difference. I’m going to try putting flowable silicone on it next.

Hey my name is josh also :smiley:

my kickside is like scratch heaven now lol im like o another scratch…

Ya, the first scratch was hard, but now I’m kinda used to it. Any opinions on what tricks would be best for an X-convict? ???


Just about anything. There’s nothing you can’t do with one. Try the Learn section here on the site and go to town.

clean the bearing

yeah about hiting yoyos on the ground.
My heart stops every time my yoyo hits the ground.

                                 keep spinning


It’s been cleaned twice - spirits + half a drop of thin lube. I don’t understand how the spinning of the bearing would affect the responsiveness. The slack string catches on the o-rings, and they stick out like a yo-yo geek in a football arena.

I shaved down the backs of the o-rings for the third time, and now it’s getting unresponsive. I loaned it out while I fix someone’s yo-yo, but I’m pretty excited to get it back and give it another throw. Mostly I play with my BvM and 888 now, but I’m glad I got to try a double o-ring before going silicone response. I’m sold on flowable silicone btw. Tight binds.

the perfect trick to do with an xconvict is the trick that xconvicts were made to do… X stalls!