x convict help


I just got a x convict but i think it might have came messed up. Like the bearing doesnt make a noise at all and sleeps about 20 seconds max. There were things that look like sratches on the x convict.The bearing came off quite easily. I had to use pliers to take them off the dark magic. So is this normal ? btw this yoyo is brand new
I made a video showing u what i mean about the bearing <param

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Was the bearing like that when you got it? or did this happen after some use?
This may not be the bearing itself, have you checked the bearing seat?


it was like that when i got it and i also tried the bearing on the dark magic and it was the same as it was on the xconvict whats a bearing seat


that is probrably normal sence it’s new
try cleaning the bearing
i can see the O rings are not eorn down so the yoyo will not spin as long as it should
try siliconing the yoyo or shaving the O rings down
hope that helps :smiley:


yea but when i got my dark magic made a loud bearing noise compared to x convict both are new.


I am thinking that the X-Concit you got was from a run that came with YYJ’s older bearings. If it is new, no need to worry. Keep playing with it, and break it in.


It just needs to be broken in - the more you play with it the smoother and longer it will spin.
YoYoJam thin lube can actually help break down factory lube and make it spin longer and it also improves the longevity of the bearing itself.


well the people above me said everything about the bearing but the schraches might just be the starbursts(I know this may sound stupid) but otherwise I dont know that it could have been something else if it was brand new


Actually, the X-Convict doesnt have any startburst as its response. It is double O-Ring.




It cant be the starburst, because the X-Convict doesnt have any.


oh sorry I was thinking of the speeder


Try cleaning it. I’ve noticed HUGE improvements with some bearings after cleaning. Others, not so much. One friend’s bearing actually had 3-4 hairs in it. It didn’t spin too well until after I cleaned it. Now it goes for 30+ seconds on a light flick.

As a second option, you could break it in by playing with it a lot =) I smashed my knuckles a lot when I got my X-ConVict. Eventually I shaved down the orings to get it less responsive. I did this by popping out the o-rings with a needle and shaving the backs of the o-rings with an exacto knife. The shaved part I pushed back into the grooves because it was rough and ragged - I keep the smooth side facing out to give a consistent response.

It’s a sweet yo-yo, but I found it didn’t arrive in a playable mode. Sometimes you gotta mod.

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maybe it was your throw or you need to break it in and still if it doesnt work clean it.And also all plastic yyjs have those scratch mark things and yeah bearings in xvict come out easily.If im not wrong your xvict came with the new yyj stainless steal bearings which MAKES NO SOUND even mine doesnt…

Hope this helps


I bought a X-ConVict early last month. It was really quiet as well. That is just the factory lube. It is normal. Once you break it in and the old lube wears down it will make some noise.

As far as responce I think the double O-rings are too responsive myself. I am probably going to go with silicone or maybe shave the O-rings down. Im not sure yet

My advice is just play with it. The more you play with it the better. I probably played with mine for about 7 or 8 hours total within the first day and a half. A lot of people when they get a new yoyo want to lube it and clean it and mod the crap out of it. Just play with it. That is what it was made for anyways. Just break it in and then if you want to change something go for it but give the yoyo a chance to wear down a little


necro. if the bearing isnt broken in by now then he really doenst yoyo often. check dates before you post.