I Need Bearing Help

Ok so today i recieved my white X-Convict in the mail. I took apart the yo-yo and found that the bearing just loosely sits on the axel, (as opposed to snapping in like usual) Now i didnt really notice any major differences in play but what should i do? are some yoyos like this or is it a manufactiring error? should i send it back in? any advice is appreciated


That shouldnt really matter, nothing wrong with your yoyo it just came out of the bearing seat.

no, but it NEVER stays clicked in its always extremly loose and will come out without any type of force

That shouldn’t be a problem. My X-ConVict and New Breed both do that and I’ve never had problems due to it.

So? Why do you care? It’s not affecting play so go play with your yo-yo.

lol ok guys thanks so much i was just worried but nvm now byee

the seat doesent matter to much aslong as it can play with no vibe u should be good :wink: