Is my bearing ok?


After school today, I was playing with my yoyo as usual, when I noticed that the bearing didn’t sound the same as it usually did. My X-convict has been silent when thrown, but now it is making a kind of raspy noise.Is it time to replace my bearing, or is that supposed to happen ??? ??? ???
Any tips/comments would be greatly appreciated :smiley:



Well how does it spin still? How long have you had the X-Convict? If you haven’t had it for a while, then it means the bearing is breaking in and will spin longer. In most cases this is a good thing, because it will be unresponsive and spin longer. But if it doesnt spin well, it may have locked up. Make sure you tell us :wink:


It’s all good, man. This happens. A lot.

A small pin-drop of YYJ thin and go to town. There’s nothing wrong with the bearing. This is just something a lot of them do as they continue to break in, or get older.

Unless your sleep times are affected, which I doubt, the bearing is still just fine.


ok, thanks peoples! ;D thats a major relief. I guess the spin hasn’t been affected either. Ill check back in later. Thanks!


(Ryan) #5

or maybe you should clean and lube it.almost all bearings does that.

(Frank W.) #6

i have an x-convict and its cool my did the exact same thing. And i thought something was wrong, but it turned out for good put a little lube and was even better.


if your bearing ever gets locked up though just get an air compreser with a blast nosle on it and try blowing it out. worked for me.

keep it spinning