Okay, I need some serious help here. 2 of my yoyo's are messed up.

Alright, well, first yoyo:
YYJ Hitman 1
Hybrid response
Plays really nice, but sometimes slides when I throw a sleeper
The one big problem, it makes tons of noise. Nothing’s in the bearing seat, I’ve used different bearings, but nothing seems to work. My HM is a noise maker.

I used to really like it,
but now it’s just horrible. It barely even spins, I’ve changed the bearing, and it’s just horrible.

I really want to get these fixed up. I plan on maybe doing some trades soon,
Thanks! :smiley:

It sounds like the HM side caps or Pogs are loose common with yoyojam try useing a suction cup to take them off and see if the noise gose away. For the slideing broblem im not sure what you meen but if you meen the string on the bearing mabe try a centertrak or kk. And a lot of practice will go along way for a strong steady sleeper.

For the x-convict try cleaning the bearing and makeing sure their is nothing in the bearing seat may help if your not getting the spin time you are looking for. Saying it is now horrible dosent really convey what may be making it so horrible now.

My hitman doesn’t even have side caps, haha
For the xconvict, I did all that, but It still doesnt spin that long.
Either way, thanks for your reply. :smiley:

Noisey HM - lube the bearing. Should quiet it down considerably. Also the star burst will make some noise.

Xcon - are you aware that it has an adjustable gap? Open it up some. Also make sure the o-rings are seated firmly. Did you pull the shields when you cleaned it? Blow it out when you were done?

Dude. I changed the bearing on BOTH of them, and it’s still the same.

Who cares about a little noise seriously, some bearings are just loud.

For the x-con, as jhb said, the bearing isn’t every thing.

Maybe you messed up cleaning/lubing both bearings. :wink:

With the 2 yoyos you have, there’s really nothing else to affect the response or noise than the bearings.

Shims on the X-Convict and slicone cone the orings. And also slicone the oring on the Hybrid Hitman. To make the Hitman quieter, a drop of lube on the bearing.

A drop is waaaaaaay too much. Just put some on the tip of a pin and touch one of the balls (after deshielding).

Actually, a drop of thin lube is perfect to quiet the bearing down. Will break in after a few throws.

Geez, I never had to do that to either my HM or my xcon and they both play very nice.
It’s not all that hard kids, there’s not a lot of technology involved here.


Breaks in after only like 5 throws for me. Take it from someone with more experience. Takes a long time with a Spec bearing, but not with other types.

the response is probably out or needs to be changed, that probably why its sliding

A ‘little’ noise? Jeese why do you think I’m asking for help? I could use it as an alarm clock. And fOr the other comments- do you think I havent tried that yet? 3 drops of lube won’t even change it at all. Cmon guys!

It’s not the bearing right now, it’s the yoyo. I find YYJ Bi-metals to be very loud. Not to mention the starburst response. As the X-Convict, just check the bearing seat for any bits of silicone or dirt. And check if the walls of the bearing seat are touching the yoyo.

Then are you sure it’s bearing noise and not the star burst? 3 drops should make it quieter (depending on what you call a drop of course).

It could be. Any suggestions on what to do? [By drop I mean squeezing it untill a drop falls out]

If it’s star burst noise, there’s not much you can do. I have a HM like that but it’s not overly loud. Are you taking the shields off when you lube it or just putting it on the shield? What type of lube are you using?

I put lube after I clean it, with the shields off. I’ve used V4M and YYJ thin lube.