sigh overtightened

today i accidently overtightened my xconvict until the bearing sound changed…but i dont see any structure damagess…can you give me advice?

Loosen it a bit. Throw. If it’s still playing fine, don’t worry about it, and don’t overtighten it again. If it’s not playing good, check the bearing. Make sure you didn’t crush a shield into the ball race or something equally nasty. Make sure the bearing is spinning freely even without it’s shields.

If the bearing is fine, but the yo-yo isn’t, it’s time to check the bearing seat for cracked plastic.

i checked everything there are no cracks and the bearing shield is not damaged…
so is it still fine?

That will be up to you. Does it play fine? If it does play fine, then it is fine.

It should be the same if every thing is ok

it plays fine i guess

did you deshield the bearing,or just look at the shields

I dont think its necessary to deshield it.

I meant deshield it so he can see if it is dented or not,since it can be hard to see if it is dented with the shields on