the x-convict yoyo by yyj

im thinking of buying an x convict i was hoping some one could tell me if their good or not.

Mine sucked. Super vibey, responsive, and awful sleep time.

Mine was very smooth and long sleep time. the better you get the better the yoyo will get.

Actually I’m guessing it’s your throw. The X-con is a great yoyo, but will tend to wobble on a bad throw, which also causes poor spin time and a perception of responsiveness. Also, it does have an adjustable gap. Open it up and response goes down.

I like my X-ConVict. I can do all my tricks on it. It’s worth the money. I would also look into getting a DM2.

I loved my x-convict. Played great.

It was very unforgiving as said previously however.

First of all, I know my throw isn’t great, I have power but the yoyo still gets a wobble. Because I know it isn’t great, i smoothed out the wobble with my finger nail, and did the vibe test and it was super vibey, and it also felt super vibey on the string. Also, when I opened it to the point that it was unresponsive, the string would always get caught between the bearing and the bearing seat.

You opened it too far. There’s more to being unresponsive than the gap. The bearing is the major player in that category. Very light lube or dry bearing it will be unresponsive.

If yours wobbled, my guess is the axle was bent. I’ve had quite a few YYJ yoyos and they do not wobble.

I used to have an X-convict, but after I sold it I bought a Hitman Pro and a Speeder 2.
IMO, these are much better than the old YoYoJams cause they have silicone response and have the Solid Spin-Axle System.

I love my X-Convict. Its really smooth. Buy one. You wont regret it :slight_smile: