which is a better yoyo in your opinion?

i was thinking is the legecy DM speeder or x convict better in your preference/opinion?


i also want a yoyo that can last long enough like 1 or 2 years because for some reasons my DM broke in 3 months

In my opinion DM is better ;D ;D

ok but i think ill wait for more post

I say the X-Convict. You cannot get the X-Con anymore, because it is out of production. And don’t expect it to last that long. There is always the possibility of cracking, or something.

awww man is there a way to fix cracks and what do you mean it is out of production i thought they still sell it?also how long does an x con last?

I’ll chime in on this one…
The X-Con and the X-convict are two different yoyo’s. The x-convict is still in production and is a great yoyo.
As far as durability, If you want a yoyo to last 2-3 years, get a metal without hubstacks. Basically, get as solid a yoyo with as few parts as you can.

Well, if it cracks, it is still playable, but kinda broken. They don’t sell X-Con’s, becasue of a cracking problem, so they made a new version - The X-Convict. It can last for a pretty long time, if you take good care of it. However if it is your main player, it may not last that long.

ill wait for 2 more post to be sure that im getting xconvict

Hands down, the XConvict is my favorite of the higher-end YYJs. You just cannot beat that body shape. It’s silly. Silly good.

ok thanks i made my choice getting the x convict :smiley:

hey but which last longer legacy or xvict?

i mean like how long will the yoyoClegacy or xvict) last 2 year etc

ok, you can modify your post, dont keep making news ones saying “Oh Yea … blah blah blah…” but It really depends how much and what you do with the yoyo… Metal can get dings but X-convict is better in my opinion for durablility with right care