How would I dye a X-Con like that?

Not sure if it’s died or painted but it’s sick. Someone tell me how to do it!

That one happens to be clear and all the did was paint the inside under the cap area. LOTS of painstaking work.

is it a John higby?

They make them clear?

im preaty sure that is not an x-con

First off we need to make sure everyone knows what yoyo you are talking about. I think you are actually talking about an X-Convict. Not an X-Con. The X-Con is a discontinued yoyo from like 05 I think. The X-convict is the newer version with improvements.

Now that we have that out of the way, He never said it was an X,convict. He just wants to do that to one.

Basically, you will never get an X-con or Xconvict to look like that

Darn it.

Stickers!!! jkjk

If I tried to dye an X-Convict would it mess the rims up?

Put tape over the rims. And it might discolor them a little bit.

Wouldn’t the discolor look awesome tho? Could I like dye the whole thing without affecting play?

All you would need to do is get some fine grade steel wool and basically polish the rims if the do get colored and you don’t want it that way.