Xbox or PS3??? Help!!!


??? For Christmas this year, I can’t decide on a Xbox or ps3. I want to get different inputs and tech specs on each. If anyone has one. Please post the pros and cons.

(Owen) #2

Get a Yoyo instead homie.

Yoyos are the way to go.


I already am getting a yoyo


a PC




Neither. Both consoles are reaching the end of their cycles. Just hold out for the next generation of consoles.



I would go with ps3. I know it is more expensive, but online play is free.


those obviously cost way more than a console. Consolez are cost effective, easier, and you wont have to worry about how good your setup is. If someone is debating whether to get a pc or console, then pc is the way to go. But he needs just something to game with without all the frills.

I use an xbox, by the way. I prefer the controller. Which is a terrible reason to get a certain console :p. If you are planning on having this for several years I would say PS3 as online is free and its a blu ray player.


Love both, but i would go with the Xbox


Xbox 360. No one really plas the regular Xbox anymore


I would go with ps3 just because of the exclusive games, like LBP, assassins creed, and others. I never was a halo guy.


Xbox has assassins creed…

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Xbox, they don’t get hacked…


They do get the red ring of death, though…




Super Nintendo


Don’t get either, wait a couple years and debate between ps4 and Xbox 720 :wink:


PS3 cause Xbox is for kids.

Ah forget about it.


Xbox, I have one, and I like it a lot! I was playing a ps3 at my friends house and it shut down for the next couple hours


not no mo