Xbox One X

Okay, all you pc master race people probably could care less about us console people getting true 4k for gaming, but for us console gamers this is big news. :smiley: I’m pretty hyped for the release of the xbox one x on november 1st. Are any of you hyped as well?

I have a one and I’m not particularly excited about it because I’m not really a hardcore gamer and I honestly do not see a need for the upgrade. mainly just because I don’t play enough to where I would appreciate the updates and upgrades in relation to the cost of it. With that being said, it does look really awesome and I can definitely see the appeal of it especially to those who have 4K TVs and/or monitors. I mostly play forza and I am really excited about the new Motorsport 7. Oh also am in the market for a new game. I have Minecraft, nba, madden and forza of course. Any suggestions? I don’t like FPS games. I kinda want a story type game like something I can go through levels and beat if that makes sense? I haven’t really been able to find any yet so if anybody has any suggestions for that or just a fun game you’ve enjoyed and think that I would too. Thanks :+1::blush:

May I ask what you don’t like about FPS games?

Shooters can be difficult to learn if your’e new. Most of us shooters started at a young age. (no hurt in trying though!) Try saving some money for assassins creed origins, the assassins creed line is a ton of fun.

I just don’t really like the whole point of the game to be killing. I prefer lighter happier games I guess.

The reason I think video games tend to be violent is because they have to tell stories, and stories have to have conflict for anyone to be interested. TV shows and movies can get away without any violence because all you would be doing is watching it, either way.

Video games have to have you do something, (usually, not including visual novels or exploration games) and the easiest way to simultaneously have you do something and engage you in the story is to have you participate in a conflict.

The easiest way to do that, the most basic way, is to give you buttons that directly affect the person on the other side of a conflict.

This isn’t to justify violence in anyway, I think my goal was to just try and explain a perspective in why violence is so prevalent in video games; it keeps your attention.

And most racing game and sports games don’t tell too many stories! :smiley:

True. Except for Need for Speed right? And that new football game? I think

Never played any sports games, except fifa 17 so I could pretend I’m british ::). (don’t judge me)