Any other gamers here?

I’m a gamer. I play mostly shooters and arcade games. If you’re a gamer, go ahead and answer down below and what kind of games you play mostly. Also here is a gaming question for you guys!

If you could be in a video-game, what game would it be?

I’m an on-again-off-again gamer. I play a bit of everything but I’m particularly fond of third person shooters.

If I could be in a video game, I’d love to be in Animal Crossing.


I’m a gamer. Currently I mainly play Xbox with my favorite games being Batman: Arkham Asylum/City and Portal 2. I play some free games on PC hopefully my parent will let me get a Steam account soon. If you want to see a crazy gaming set up look up NerdCube Setup in YouTube. His PC is crazy. If I could live in a game either Mirrors Edge or
Assassins Creed due to the fact that it’s hand to hand combat and parkour and I wish I was good at both.

Rpg, fps, tps, racing

I love the kingdom hearts series and even beat the first game (I haven’t met anyone who has ever beaten the first game so…) I also dig Mario kart.

If I could be in a video game world?.. Hm. This actually a tough Q! Your not asking “if you could be the main character” you’re asking “what world”… So of course if I pick a world from a fps or tps, I’d be that innocent bystander who does. So I’ll go with, dramatic pause… Earth in Madden! That way if I was me in madden I’d be a fan! Endless virtual pizza and popcorn! That or pikmin. So I’d have plant minions.

Casual PC Gamer.

Used to play lots and lots of WoW, Dungeon Siege, Morrowind/Oblivion.

Now, I’ve been pretty busy with school, but I hop on whenever I can to play some Binding of Isaac, Team Fortress 2, and the occasional Skyrim and Borderlands 2.

You guys all heard about the Xbox One announcement, right? It was terrible.

You mean this announcement?


I found the Xbox One announcement a little annoying. I have no idea why put all of their attention on TV and CoD. I like TV, but in my opinion that’s what the Direct-TV box is for. Also I honestly don’t play CoD. I’m more into stealth and/or puzzle type games. I’m happy they made it to where it fits on top of a TV box so i don’t have to have it sit separately, they also boosted some of the performance aspects. I feel like they may have just done bad at the press conference. Hopefully the Kinect will be better and everything works as everyone likes. I honestly hope they just had a poorly wirtten press conference.

I hope so too. I don’t understand the focus on CoD when it’s available on the PS4 as well. You would think they’d be pushing console exclusives like a new Halo or Forza.


My primary game is league of legends (APC/ADC, some support. 3s, some 5s), but I’ve also been known to play things like Guild Wars, Shootmania (joust), and almost everything on Full Tilt.

I’d want to live in Eve. Capsuleer, in Domain > Jarshitsan, flying a Retriever, Ares, and Megathron.

I’m a PC Gamer. I have some cheapy Razer gear and am ready to take people on at TF2. On a competitive team that plays at the UGC Tournaments.

Xbox 360 addict :slight_smile: :slight_smile: i play minecraft as well as forza 4 with a microsoft wheel and other adventure and strategy games

World of Tanks FTW. Besides computer games the only “Video game console” we have is a PS1. :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe… he said “duty”

Big PC-gamer here.

I play a lot of Dota 2, and then just a lot of other random games I can get my hands on.

I’ve recently been playing the dynasty warriors games. I got 7 yesterday and have had strike force for a while. Other than that I play the occasional FPS and RGP. I don’t think I could chose a game to be in.

I’m changing my world to the Destiny Islands with Sora, Riku, Lea (Axel), Cloud, Mario, Kairi, fps/tps soldiers, Amy, sonic the hedgehog, and Crash Bandicoot as my neighbor/friends.

I’M A GAMER! I PLAY PC fps games, and more technical stuff on the PS3 ;D sports, UFC, etc.

I’ve decided that I would be in KH2 because that series is my favorite game EVER!

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Oh yeah, btw I would be in either Team Fortress or Pokemon. Team Fortress’s characters actually have personality versus the overused war hardened elitist that so many FPS’s have used. Pokemon should be pretty self explanatory :slight_smile:

Whoops double post :stuck_out_tongue: