X Laceration Help Needed


Hey guys, I am trying to hit this x laceration (takahiro iizuka), but I have only hit the actual mount once. I cannot consistently get the loop to come around and stay open and big, where I can fall through it. Any tips? Thanks guys.



Can you post the video?? I want to try it myself


I don’t know how to post the video here, as I use my phone, but if you youtube “try this trick! #15 bonus! (2 tricks!) Takahiro iizuka’s tricks!” you can see meowcolm do a tutorial. I just cannot quite get that loop to stay open under my hand for the yoyo to drop on the th middle finger string and fall through.

*he also has a video where he does the trick 16 times in a row. “X laceration” on youtube gives a few people trying the trick, but only 1 extra tut. Enjoy and good luck.



Interesting trick. Just gave it a shot.

When you pop the yoyo up and the yoyo is about to fall through the loop, keep the yoyo as close to your NTH as possible. It gives room for the slack to follow through.