Brent Stole tips?

Any tips on how to form the loop in the laceration? A lot of the times when I’m attempting this trick, I land in a trapeze. Lastly, did I land the trick correctly @ 0:28 mark? (The trick happens so fast, I can’t tell if I did it correctly or not! I should have worn a different color shirt :D) Thanks 8)

IMO the best tutorial for this trick.  Chris breaks down every part of the trick and what is going on.  I never understood it (so never tried to learn it) until this video, now it’s second nature, no problem.

Couple things I see from your video:

Try to keep both hands parallel. Loop from your wrist, and not your arm. You’re raising your throw hand really high, which is going to close the loop. Also, looks like you’re pushing your throw hand forward as well, try to keep it in the same spot.

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I think I did it right

Yeah, looks good. To exit, as you pop the yoyo up push your non throw hand forward a little, it’ll open up the triangle for you.

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A lot of times I land in a small triangle, which makes it hard to pop out.

Try moving your throw hand closer and don’t raise it up as much, that should help create a larger loop for the triangle.

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