X-Convict Responsive

I just got my X-Convict in the mail and I love it. The only problem is that it is very responsive. I also put in a new KK. Please Help.

How New is the Kk? if it came with the yoyo you probably will have to break it in.
after a couple hours of throwing should do it.

Yeah, just break it in. It might take a little bit, but keep throwing.

Agreeing with everyone else here - KonKave’s tend to be responsive when new from my experience. Just play it like any normal bearing and break it in. Also, if you want to, you can silicone it, or shave the O-Rings flush. It isnt completely necessary, but it can help. Still, your best choice would be to break it in :wink:

yup just break it in,or clean the beearing but I find bearings to play better after a long time of breaking in than just cleaning,so it would be best to break it in

Ditto. If you have played with it for a few hours and it still isn’t unresponsive, clean the bearing, check, then if it is still responsive silicone/ shims.

Silicon the response, just pull the o-rings out and put the silicone in the grove, and yes the KK will become more unresponsive with time but if you cant wait clean and thin lube. I did all of those and mine is dead unresponsive.

I forgot to tell you- i already shimmed and silicone the X-convict(My parent won’t buy anything to clean the bearing). It is still responsive.

Then breaking in the bearing as well as the response is your answer :wink:

How long does it take? I really want to try Plastic Whip on it.

It depends on how much you play with it, but I say just play hard for a couple days.

If you play an hour a day, then about a week and a half.