X-Con Pro or Hitman Pro?

Hey, ive been wanting one of these two and im wondering which you think i should get.
i really dont have much preferences, so what you recommend in terms of play

I’m planning on getting both, but I’m getting the XCon-Pro. Why?
The mid-weight rings, if it’s anything like the Phenom and Phenomizm, should be super stable and very well balanced, which should encourage long spin times. Of course, none of this matters if you give it a bad throw. I know the XCon Pro is smaller than my usual preferences, which is a DM2, or in general the full sized/almost oversized yoyos. I have stuff small and large, so that’s not really a big deal to me.

I’ll get a Hitman Pro some other time. It’s on my “wants” list.

I would think though, with the metal rims, the Hitman Pro might be ideal if you’re into grinding. I’ve read reports that the XCon Pro wasn’t as great for grinding as the Hitman. I’m not currently into or able to grind, but that’s OK. I have tons of grind-compatible yoyos anyways so it’s not a big deal for me.

I would definitly go with the x-con pro. It has been rethought and remade like the hitman but it is the most recent remake of the two so it should be the better choice for more recent play styles. Also there is no highwall like the hitman and that would definitly sway me toward the x-con pro.