Difference between Hitman X and Hitman Pro

So… saw these yoyos on the YYE store. What’s the difference between them?

Golly. I almost wanna say the specs on their respective pages will tell you the difference.

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Btw does the hit man X compare with other yoyos in the price range?

Hitman X was mostly an update to the original Hitman. Comes with flush silicone vice o-rings, fixed vice adjustable gap, solid spin axle so the hub doesn’t crack like it used to. A tad heavier, probably due to the axle system. Looks awesome, but I don’t have one. I mean, come on, look at that shape!

Hitman Pro was a complete redesign in my opinion. Almost nothing like the original. It’s much smaller in diameter and a little wider. Undersized, just when it was going out of style. I was really disappointed with it.


Hitman X is an update of the original Hitman as FiveIronBriansays. It plays pretty much the same as the original. Plays great. Loving it.

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My bad. I was actually wondering about the difference in play, but wasn’t clear in my question.

I think you’d be better off with a revival if you wanted a good playing yoyojam but it’s not bad

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Subjective to the specs based on general preferences.