Bi-metal help

I am getting a Hitman Pro, X-con PRO, New Breed, or most likely an Atmosphere.
I prefer not super floaty but faster playing yo-yos.
Any suggestions or thoughts?

I have plenty of yoyos in the category of plastic/metal.

Here’s my thoughts:

I do like the Hitman Pro, but for me it’s kind of a waste of money for now. This is designed for palm grinds, so see JD’s winning performance videos from 2003, you’ll see why it was designed with the rough looking rims. I think they are satined or something. It feels great in the hand. I did have some Q/C issues and had to push the metal rims back on, but no further issues since then. This yoyo is tiny bit wider compared to the XCon Pro, so it can move a bit slower, but excels and moving fast if you want it to.

The XCon Pro is an interesting yoyo that I absolutely hated at first, but let me tell you why. This yoyo is intolerant of bad throws. This actually makes it an ideal trainer because it forces you to throw properly and better, which ends up helping you all around. When thrown properly, it rewards you with amazing spin times and amazing performance. Why does it do this? It’s that mid-weight, that’s why. After playing this almost exclusively for almost 2 weeks now, my throw has vastly improved on this and everything else, and I’ve really grown to like it a lot, making my Top 10 for sure. It’s not a great grinder though since the rims are plastic, but the contrast between the plastic/metal looks really nice to me, especially in the blue. It does like to get up and move fast. The shape isn’t really floaty.

I can’t say anything about the others as I have not played them. I also have the DM2, which is still my favorite yoyo, the Phenomism and Speeder 2. I can’t access my inventory file but I may have some others. YYJ makes good stuff