YYJ Yoyo for Tech Tricks ?

Okay guys, I’d a feeling of picking up a YYJ yoyo that can do tricks like what JD did, tech tricks in particular, but I don’t know which one to pick, LOL

My preference is either plastic or metal rim / metal center weighted plastics, no other companies of course, just from YYJ.

My budget is below $55. Any ideas ? It seems JD’s own HITMAN PRO is a good choice but I’m not really in for a undersized throw…

I prefer the XCon pro over the Hitman Pro. I have both, I enjoy both but I like the XCon pro better. Also, you’re asking for more center-weighted, and the XCon Pro gets you right there as well.

You could wait for the Hitman X to drop for general sale, which I am. That might be the way to go. The SFX and Destiny might also be to your liking. They are all similar shapes to the XCon Pro, feature more center-weighting and are all really good in my opinion. The Destiny may be marketed as a 5A yoyo complete with Takeshi dice, but it’s still a great 1A yoyo too.

Really, if you’re relatively well skilled(I’m not), most yoyos will be just fine for this. It’s more the skill of the player than the yoyo anyways. Unless you’re looking for specific type of tech trick capability, most of what’s out there will be fine.

Also, as much as I like YYJ(probably my favorite brand), don’t be afraid to step outside that realm. Because you want plastic/metal, your choices are limited. Fortunately, YYJ has a large selection.

The Hitman X is amazing.

Whats the hitman x? :o

SHAME ON YEE!!! Lol it’s a OG Hitman with modern insides basically. Shape of the original Hitman with a solid spin system. Pretty much it, should be dope though.

Lol, Ive always wanted to try a hitman… might get this…

Message me on iMessage, NOW.

Mynparents took my iPad >:(


Do you have both? I have the X and it is quite the yoyo.

JD is hooking me up with a prototype.

Just looking for some kind of yoyo that can hardly tilt cuz im working on some slacks, whips, and tricks that require the yoyo to stay in place.

Thx a lot anyway. the SFX is indeed amazing :smiley: and i owned a Destiny ! That was quite a nice throw :smiley:

I actually did own some other yoyo from other companies, looking for YYJ cuz i like YYJ but nvr had a chance to try YYJ yoyos out except for SFX (which is not mine) and Speedmaker.

If you want a yoyo that will hardly tilt, take this advice:


Seriously, I find all my tilting issue to be problems I create for myself. It’s not the yoyo EVER, it’s me. Any of my other issues are just that: MY issues. I know I’m making mechanical errors and I will readily admit it.

So, full sized YYJ’s:
Classic(with upgrades), Surge, Legacy II, Chaser, Trigger, DM2, SFX, Vexed and Speeder 2 I think all hit your target. Well, I’m pulling from my list. Any of those will work.

I love the DM2 and I am pulling away from it as my skills are expanding but I still return to it. It’s good for slacks and whips, but I think the midwall/highwall design might not be as ideal as some of the other models mentioned. Yet, the DM2 is still stable and solid.

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Just grab myself a YYJ Classic with upgrades, ITS AWESOME !!!

And seems XLR8 is a decent choice too :smiley:

The xlr8 is an excellent choice. It fits my tech style really well, flowing easily from trick to trick. Also, lateral caps are a lot of fun.