Started off with a lyn fury. Loved it. Then I got an x-convict. Liked it. The lyn fury is still somehow more fun to play and feels better in my hand. I’m guessing it’s the weight balance. Unfortunately I did …things… to it and it doesn’t perform as well as it used to (and in the process verified rumors that it is indeed indestructible).

I was thinking of getting either a frantic or a protege as a metal yoyo. I’ve had a chance to play with a frantic for a little while (5 minutes) and liked it, but didn’t have the chance to play with a protege. Then why is the protege on the list you ask? Smaller heavier and I can get it cheaper ::slight_smile:

So my question is, which of these two, or possibly others around the same price range is more like a lyn fury than an x-convict? Or if this question scares and confuses you, which one do you personally prefer and why? And lastly if you only played with one, pros and cons to it work as well.

Just to start off, Protoge is the same size and Frantic, just a little wider.
Frantic is a discountinued yoyo, so good luck finding one lol. Try the B/S/T.

Now, if it’s something sililar to the Lyn Fury you’re looking for, but you want to give bi-metal another shot, go with Hitman Pro. Exactly the same as the Lyn in every way (except maybe heavier).

Plus, the new Hitman Pro uses the solid spin system, making for a more all metal like yoyo.

You’ll have to wait a little while for the Hitman Pro to come out though, but you can buy original Hitman in the meantime.

I think the protege is a lot smoother than the frantic at least in my personal experiences

Wow discontinued? I haven’t paid attention for too long it seems. Was there something faulty design-wise. What I’m asking is if it would be worth the trouble to locate a seller? I remember that when I tried it out I also had a chance to try a dv888, and the frantic seemed better somehow.

I’ll definitely keep the hitman pro in mind, since I liked the original about as much as I like my convict and this new fangled axle system seems interesting, but I’d like something metal because … well… because it’s metal ;D

The Eneme is a metal x-convict, looks more like a metal lyn.

Phenomizm isnt a metal. But priced as a metal but of course KK bearing is included and it plays better than all YYF Fundametals, Protostar, YYJ Metals, .So do get one.

high priced isn’t a good thing for a non metal. also, some people don’t like kks. it is also an opinion of playing better. i would go for the boss for sure. it is like a full metal lyn

I own both lyn fury and yoyofactory yuuksta.

I like my Yuuksta because it isn’t like my lyn fury, because I was very disappointed with how light it felt. When I touch the side of the lyn with the string or my finger, the rotational speed decreases more than it does with the yuuksta. However, both yoyos are ~65g.

The edge/rim of the yuuksta points more toward the axle, forcing the string to the center. If I land the yuuksta on the string near its edge, the string will fall toward the middle, while the lyn might bounce off.

Yuuksta has less vibe, tighter bearing seat, more rim weight (i think), superb stability, and is smaller. It does not need shims to center the bearing.
If you don’t mind a smaller, H-shaped yoyo, check out the Yuuksta.

I’ve got a frantic. Don’t care for it. Have a hectic, love it. It’s similar size and weight to the frantic.
HM is my all time favorite, HM Pro sounds like a winner.

I had originally thought of getting an eneme, but price plays a massive factor here, which is why I originally mentioned sort of cheaper yoyos.

I love the shape of the phenomizm, but the way the weight rings are placed seems rather odd. If you guys know of a less costly yoyo with that extreme wing shape it would be great.

Protege is a small Protostar :3

Cue the that’s what she said jokes, but I like them small, and judging by the world’s stellar opinion of the protostar, while disregarding the fanboys, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all.

I never said it was. I’m quite a huge fan of the beautiful shape of the Protege. It also comes in Pink.

Hmm pink, I’m willing to overlook that small imperfection :smiley: - eriously that’s THE color I’ll be trying to avoid. So far I must admit that I’m leaning to a protege.

It comes in Pink, It isnt Pink. You pick your color when you buy it. Pink is one of the options I believe.

Yeah I know, I meant I’ll try to get other colors (preferably black), but if only pink is left I can live with it ;D