Cafe Racer or Xcon pro?


I can’t decide!

Which one of the two and state your reason why you chose it?


Have not tried the XCon Pro, but I really like the Cafe Racer. It’s a great take-everywhere kind of yoyo.


I have both.

I like the XCon Pro very much. It is undersized - but super stable. This makes it great for 1A and 5A. The rims are plastic - so any dings are a bit easier to take. Plus the XCon comes with both slim and standard bearings for responsive/unresponsive play.

The Cafe Racer is also a good yoyo. I do not think it is the best that OneDrop makes though. To me, the Cafe Raver has always been a bit tippy and easily loses its speed. But that it probably more because I suck than the fault of the Cafe Racer :slight_smile:

All said - both my son and I play the XCon Pro way more than we play the Cafe Racer. Now, the Code 1 - that’s another story…


It looks like mixed opinions…Theyre both great, but I feel the Cafe Racer has a little edge over the X-con Pro, dunno what it is, just my preferances I guess.


in terms of spin/sleep time and comfortability to hold which is higher?


^^ The XCon has superior spin and stability. The Cafe Racer may be a bit more comfortable especially on the harder binds.