YYJ DMII Ghost Edition or YYJ X-Con Pro

I would go X-Con Pro, but the ghost edition looks nice and has extra weight. Does it play better than a regular DMII, or should I still go with the XCP?

I love the dm2 but yye came out with the legacy3 so they might come out with the dm3.The dm2 ghost has a slightly better sleep time but if you put in the lights it decreases the sleep time by alot
The x con pro has a sleep time about the same as the dm2.I prefer the dm2

I would take the xcon pro since I prefer that shape but for the same price you could have any of these:
Werrd Minute
yoyofactory Shutter
C3 Dibase2
YoyoOfficer Aura or Crayon

I think any of those would be a better choice

The two yoyos are not in the same category.

The XCon Pro is more of a V-type shape with mid-rim weight rings. It’s small and can appear at first to be unstable and tilty, but that’s due to you having a bad throw. This small beast forces you to clean up your act and get your throw better. Once you get better, it rewards you with long spin times and excellent play.

The DM2 is heavier, larger and not so prone to tilting. The Ghost edition with nickel rims is a touch heavier than a regular DM2 as I think they just nickel plated over the regular rims, hence the extra weight.

If you have a DM2, no need to really get this one unless you want it. I got one, I wanted it. I already had 5 DM2’s before I got it. But if you’re looking for something special in play, no, don’t waste your money. It’s a DM2. But if you want it, get it. It does look really good. I should have photographed the Ghost one next to my clear one, but I didn’t, I used my handy red one:


The XCon Pro is great. I’m so glad I got this as it forced me to clean up a lot of bad habits I developed. I got it after not quite a year in, so nothing got “hard set” yet. This yoyo “saved” me. Excellent pocket throw too. Fast, zippy, not a fantastic grinder.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, the SFX really sits well with me. It’s DM2-type pricing as well. The Revolution’s shape doesn’t connect with me. I’m debating on the SR-71(kinda towards no, but that may change).

do you think they will make a dm3 because yyj made a legacy3

DM3=DM2 with low walls :smiley:

Everyone who complains about the dm2 is complaining about the high walls soooo…

I am not complaining about the DM2’s high walls, but I could certainly see them being an issue.

The question might be:

Would a DM3 phase out the DM2? Probably

I am debating a Legacy 3 just for the heck of it. It would be interesting to A/B those two in person. Doing it via photos on the internet currently haven’t addressed the differences sufficiently for me yet. I just have to see it.

Hey, guys. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I’m going to go with the GE DMII, because of Studio’s side by side picture. I’ll probably come back to get the XCP later, as it has been on my want list for a while. I’m only getting one right now though, and since I never cared to get a DMII before, I really didn’t know if I wanted one now. The nickel/aluminum comparison convinced me.

I do want to get a Shutter, but I’m waiting until a colorway I like comes out.

I like the SR-71 quite a bit. It’s real steady, and has a greater metal to plastic ratio than other YYJs. It’s surprisingly comfortable despite the deep v shape. I guess its wide enough to let your finger fall in the gap. I would like to get the nickel now, but I do not like the caps that come in that edition.

I’ve never played an x-con pro but I can tell you my friend has a ghost edition dm2 and I like it a lot better than the normal one( which I have) also the ghost edition is much smoother in my opinion.