Praises be to Steve Brown for he has triumphed! Worlds in Cleveland!


Oh yeah! I definitely plan on being there!

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I’ve been attending the World YoYo Contest since 1996. I’ve had opinions about what I wanted it to be since that first event, and next year, on the 20th anniversary of my first World YoYo Contest, I get to produce the event I’ve always wanted.

I know some people are “why Cleveland?” about this but trust me, this city has much more to offer than you realize. And so, for that matter, do I.

See you in Cleveland. :wink:



Cleveland is a beautiful city. I grew up in NE Ohio, and visit from time-to-time. I believe Steve can bring out the best in it for this world class event.

I’m so pumped for this!

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I plan on being there


Hopefully I can go.

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Cleveland rocks!

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The only 2 reasons Steve want Worlds in Cleveland are because: 1 He wants to able to ride his longboard to the Contest and 2 He wants to be able to go home for Lunch.


That is baisically what you look for when you try to find a job. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you take a minute to research a bit, Cleveland actually has a lot more to offer than some of us may think.

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Already been stated :wink:

Dinner at the Browns anyone? ;D

Huge congratulations on finally getting the chance to put on the WYYC you’ve always wanted Steve. I don’t doubt that you’ll do a bang-up job of it. I’m imagining it’ll look a little something like this:

(Just picture Gentry Stein standing at center-court.)

Whilst we have you here Steve, a quick question that I’ve always wondered RE: WYYC - Does the cost of people signing up to enter/compete cover the costs properly? I see the amount of work that has gone into the past couple of contests and can’t help but wonder if the organisers are actually breaking even. :-X

If the answer is “No, we rarely cover all the costs”, then that brings me to my next point: Fundraising/Kickstarting.

Have you, or anyone else, ever thought of having a page where people can donate towards the expenses of WYYC? I mean I can imagine there are plenty of people willing to help out, and even if you only raise a couple ‘o’ hundred bucks, surely anything to help cover the costs would surely be welcome? I’m definitely up for contributing and I can’t be the only one. :slight_smile:


That is a fantastic idea Gambit. We’ve seen in recent months how successful public funding has been, I believe it could be a bit hit!

cant wait! im only 5 hours away in good ol West by god! just look for the yeti lookin big bearded dude!

one of the reasons i want worlds in cleveland is so that i can see steve ride his longboard to the contest

IDEA! There should be a big parade before the start of the contest ending with Steve Brown rolling into the venue on his longboard carrying big scissors to cut the ribbon to open the doors. :smiley:

let’s up the ante:

Steve rides a hoverboard, and on his right is Drew Carey and on his left is LeBron James. They all do backflips and land on a tightrope suspended between the Key Tower and the Terminal Tower. Then they all take out their scissors and dive right down into Lake Erie where a bright, red yo-yo string ribbon lies. The combined force of their fall mixed with the sharpness of the scissors cuts the ribbon, and the contest then commences and Colin wins. The runner-up is Chandler, and in 3rd place is Darnell.

They actually did that for Tokyo, although I think a lot of people didn’t realize it.

We’ll be doing something similar this year, to give people an opportunity to support the event as “personal sponsors”.

The entry fees/competition fees help tremendously, but the costs of the contest are pretty significant and it takes those fees, plus sponsorships, plus being really careful about spending for a contest of this size to break even or turn a modest profit. All profits from this event will be going towards the NYYL with the goal of building up much better infrastructure for the US contest system, so the better the contest does the better position the NYYL will be in to provide judges, insurance, promotional, and logistical support for all US Regionals and hopefully many State contests.