Wyyc alternate freestyle videos

After finding out that they asked people not to film in the first place, I’m glad the video was removed. People should always respect those requests, especially if they are not on stage or organizing the event.

Advising someone to re-post a video like that, would only make them look bad.

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Charles Haycock next!

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It would be sweet if you uploaded Chuck’s freestyle next. Mostly because I’m obsessed with how smooth his yoyoing is.

Yes! I was shocked Chuck didn’t make it further =( I was pulling for him! Would love to see what he would have done.

Any chance of getting a list of everyone who competed. I was talking to Eric Koloski tonight and he was there and said how awesome it was. I so wanted to go but I had to be up by 5am to get to the airport for my plane. At 37 I just can’t pull an allnighter anymore :frowning:

Jensen Kimmitt
Anthony Rojas
Charles Haycock
Harrison Lee
Ryosuke Iwasawa
Tatsuya Fujisaka
Ayuma Harada
Sebastian Brock
Nate Sutter
Ed Haponik
Drew Tetz
EDIT: Mark Mangarin

…and 1-2 people I’m forgetting, I’m sure…

So Fujisaka did do one? I can’t wait to see his video then. And Anthony Rojas’ too.

Sebby or Nate please ::slight_smile:

^This! =D

The only thing that ever ticked me off about the Worlds footage is that nobody ever filmed them announcing the winners. I know a lot of people find it boring but I would have liked to see Janos happy face when it was announced that he won…

^It seems like both…a mix. I want to see Anthony Rojas…no Harold Owens on the list? :stuck_out_tongue: I hope he is in there too.

The youtube issue is a site wide thing, nothing to do with your render or upload Steve, they’re using new compression to save bandwidth and say that videos may have that issue for a while, but it’s a kink that will work itself out.


^ You’re a good guy Bricky. Thanks for everything. We need more guys like you around. You’re easy going. :wink:

That Jensen video was sweet.  He was warming up a bit in the beginning, but then I could tell he got into his vibe.  It’s a whole different feel when people are not stressed out about missing tricks.  Yet, they have an audience, so it creates this interesting energy that you don’t see much elsewhere.

I can see why it was important to have these alternative freestyles shown.  It’s a whole new vibe.

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Yes, I’m glad somebody else is a fan of him! His style is so awesome and smooth.

It’s just beautiful. I have his recent WYYC 2013 video saved on my phone and I literally watch it every single time before I start yoyoing. So inspiring…

Nate Sutter

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Mindblowing. I’ve had this idea in my head about doing (relatively) simple moves, but just delivering them with more style and flow. This takes that concept further than I would have thought possible.

EDIT: Also, I do feel like each video should get its own thread, maybe in the videos section. Just because feedback is going to make this thread way too long to be organized.

I really enjoys Nate’s Stuff.

We need to get these guys some dark shirts next time :slight_smile: the white is killing me

that weird little fake knot move he did was awesome. I’m loving all of these, so chilled out. Seems like everyone is just having fun.