Wyyc alternate freestyle videos

This is the most baseless, ridiculous tirade I’ve heard from you, studio. Having had the honor of participating (albeit very, very badly) in the event this year, I can honestly say that it was one of the most positive and chill presentations of yoyoing I’ve ever attended. Both GReg and Mark were on the PA advertising it and Sebby worked for weeks to make it something every attendee could get excited about. I’m not sure who you heard complaints from either this year or last, but as of Sunday night, GReg was happy with it, Sebby was happy with it, the participants were happy with it, and the audience was happy with it. I don’t see a victim here, let alone a “bad guy”.

It was awesome.



I don’t know how something that was on the schedule could be more condoned by the operator of the event.

Saturday August 10th
11:00 AM Spintop Freestyles (subject to change)
12:00 PM Diabolo Freestyles (subject to change)
1:00 PM Spintop Ladder (subject to change)
2:00 PM Kendama Ladder (subject to change)
3:00 PM Fixed Axle Championships
6:30 PM Finals (AP, 5A, 1A)
11:00 PM – ?? Alternative Freestyles with Sebastian Brock


Guess that clears things up. I know this is off topic but what was the Special Edition Yoyo?

I missed them as I was dead tired and well…

Steve and Ed this is one more reason why you two are two of the best guys in this community… U know when to say when and when to call it… props boys…

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I wish I could have stayed long enough to put do an alternative freestyle. I had to be at the airport 4 hours after 1A finals were announced :frowning: I hadn’t practiced any moves in particular, but I could have attempted to do all best tricks in stage.

If you read near the end of the “who’s pumped for worlds” thread that was up the other day, I posted about the “special” worlds yoyo… Just a heads up before you go read…It was a HUGE let down… If I knew ahead of time what it was I would have saved that money and paid my fee to compete.


I get lied to constantly. Why should it not surprise me.

I have to go on the information provided to me by the source. However, they were using Tony’s gear.

Initially I was a bit put off by the request to remove youtube videos, but this explanation makes perfect sense; it’s a far cry from the typical sort of commercial censorship, since this isn’t about profit, it’s about the best experience for players, organizers and viewers alike.

That said, please do hurry! :stuck_out_tongue: A lot of us can’t wait to see 'em!

That explains it pretty well and I still respect your decision and such, but doesn’t something have to be written on paper or something more official?

It’s incredibly common in the rest of the world for event sponsors to get things like exclusive video rights to events. It’s not terribly common (yet) in yoyoing, but as we start seeing larger corporate sponsors for events, expect to see it happen more often.

And the first video is up!




Is it me or is there something terribly wrong with background?

I was just about to post this. what in the world is going on.

Well I guess that makes sense. But I am still a little flustered about the whole thing. But it’s okay.

The camera used in the official videos seem to be distorting the background and other things. Felt like it was shot with a GoPro…but it can also be shot on a high-end Nikon DSLR that sometimes does this kind of distortion.

Kinda unfortunate, really. But it doesn’t matter. It’s still a good video regardless.

Some kind of “stabilize” setting was on when I uploaded and it screwed up the video. Fixed it on Vimeo, will re-upload to YouTube soon. Sorry about that, it really did look awful. :frowning:

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Now it looks amazing. Thanks for fixing it up very quick, Steve!

As a wise person on this forum once said (forgot who and exactly WHAT he said),

The trick to life is to know when to follow people, when to break off from following, when to lead, and when to protest. Or something like that.

Sebby, the event organizer, wanted ONE video source in order to guarantee the quality. YoYoNews was happy to help him with that. I didn’t bully anyone, and I’d appreciate not being accused of crap like that, thanks.

The announcement was made for no filming. You can disagree with that if you want, but that was what the organizer wanted. Bricky is being awesome about this, I’d appreciate if you could follow his lead instead of trying to make me the bad guy. ::slight_smile:

At the end of the day, everyone will get to watch awesome video of all the freestyles and isn’t that really all anyone wants?

Steve owns the rights to this footage/footage from this event. If someone else uploads it, that isn’t fair, because Steve was promised exclusivity to this. If someone else who isn’t Yoyonews is posting the videos, they have the right to file copyright claims. Simple. Like I said, Steve owns exclusive rights to the event’s footage. He should get them.

Edit: Jensen’s Green Yeti looks awesome!