freestyle concepts

Just some tricks I’m messing around with for a “contest” we have at a yoyo club I go to. Tell me how to improve it and what you think in general. thanks.

Not bad. The only thing I would really say is that things you created give more points.

Thanks. I didn’t quite understand the last part of your post, they get more points?

It means in an actual freestyle contest, with judges, original tricks will most likely be awarded more (in points) than tricks everyone has seen before. Like the first time Yuuki did the slack and things like that. The more original the better.

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smoother, and the sky;s the limit, my freind


Please use the thank you button for this. It cuts down on unnecessary posts. Thanks.

Lol ;D
Just kidding Brian. Couldn’t resist. Your tricks are good man, but like it’s been said, smooth it out. =)