Questions on freestyles, players, and administration

(Timmy Kwaskowski) #1
  1. People often don’t use the preliminary rounds of a competition as a chance to show off their best tricks. The focus is usually on speed and clicks. That being said, which non-final freestyles from this year have stood out to you as being unique, and why?

  2. Which yoyo player’s progress over the last few years have you enjoyed following the most?

  3. What do you think about the new IYYF decision to abolish the three year cycle regarding the location of WYYC? Personally, as a UK resident I’m worried about a future where WYYC is always held far away from Europe. Do you think it’ll benefit the worldwide yoyo community or hinder it?

Thanks for doing this! Awesome opportunity.


These two are some of my favorite players. No generic frontstyle, no overdoing of “absolute” elements like lacerations or hops, everything has purpose, and everything looks great. Also extremely difficult tricks done extremely clean.
It’s been awesome seeing Paul Harness pop up overt he past 2 years. He’s insane. I’m a big Angelo Aguirre fan too :slight_smile:
I think that the decision seems kinda “not so good” at first glance but after thinking about it, it makes sense. Technically their goal is to still try to rotate - however, if anyone in the continent cannot/does not want to run a contest, this means there’s more backup. Also, this gives people the opportunity to apply every year, and not have to wait every 3 years to submit a proposal. This technically increases chances of worlds in any area… the potential constant is that there could be the same amount of interest in running Worlds as before, but this isn’t really the IYYF’s problem.

(Timmy Kwaskowski) #3

Great replies, I agree with 1 and 2, definitely had those players in mind. As for answer 3, I love your perspective. It definitely makes me feel better about the new change. Thanks!