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NOTE: I am not trying to say that there is something wrong with the WYYC. I am just posting this interesting idea for discussion.

Hi all,
I was thinking about how Japan has won the WYYC so much. So I was just thinking of an idea that is quite simple. Whoever wins the WYYC in 1a gets the WYYC to be in their homeland next year.
Ex: Zach wins 1a
WYYC is in the US

If the same nationality wins 2 times in a row, then the WYYC location can be picked as it is know.

Would this make some nations work really hard to get the WYYC, or would it just become a mess???

it would just become a mess…

There’s nothing wrong with the current format. I personally think it’s better than the last, where it was in the same city every year, it’s good to spread the wealth.

It is an interesting idea, but I think it might have the opposite effect in terms of making a country work really hard to get the WYYC. With the current system, anyone that wants to host Worlds has to put in a lot of effort to convince the IYYF that they have a good plan in place to ensure a successful contest and the organizational ability to carry it out. If the host were to be decided not by who has put in the work to prove they can run it to very high standards, but just by what country the 1A champion is from, then there would be less motivation for people or organizations that want to host the contest to actually bother putting in that work. It would also be possible that you end up with a host country where there is no established organization in place to run the contest, which could get pretty tricky to deal with.

Another potential issue is that most organizers would probably want more than a year to put everything together. If you have no idea what country will be hosting until the end of the previous contest, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to get everything done from scratch. Ideally the organizers would at least be talking to venues and exploring possibilities before that, but it’s going to be hard to convince everyone to do that work just in case when it won’t actually have any impact on whether they actually get to host or not.


Another problem with this, we don’t live in a world where every year everyone that wins each division is from the same country.

The skill sets for winning a yoyo contest and running a yoyo contest are completely different.


I like the basic idea of having countries go against each other Olympic style, but this is a bad appication of that basic idea (countries vying for worlds to be in their country).

I still support the idea of a dart board with the name of every country on it. And An elected official blindfolded throws a dart. Wherever the dart lands, that country is the location of the next years worlds. Lets go to Albania!

What happens if nobody in that country wants to run it? I like the idea, but it just won’t work. For example, what if Palli won? :smiley:

Ehm, http://iyyf.org/wyyc2017-will-be-in-iceland/

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And also adding to what Nathan said… I would ask this: What if the person that won was from a Country that had absolutely No interest in Hosting the Contest? (Regardless of their capabilities).

Then What?

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